Tam Denholm

My name is Tam and I'm a multi-disciplined person that primarily provides value for my clients by providing technical solutions to business problems. Whether that is Technical Development, Project Management, Change and Transition Management, Optimisation Consulting or general business advice. I'm here to help.

Business Owner - Optimisation & Management Consultant - Web Developer



My work history is varied in skill, environment and technology. I have both Management and Technological experience. I've worked in Operations, Marketing, Research, Design and most of all Technology. I'm excellent at solving problems which lead to increased performance, profit and production.

I have over 11 years of experience in delivering value for clients. It's my job to make sure that the value I provide FAR outweighs the cost of hiring me, that way, my clients will always be satisfied.

Contact Me

Give me a call on 0131 202 6123 or
Email me moc.mlohnedmat@tcatnoc

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